Call for Papers Vol. 1, no. 4: Latin America: unity attempts Deadline for proposals: August 15, 2012 Deadline...

Call for Papers
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Vol. 1, no. 4: Latin America: unity attempts

Deadline for proposals: August 15, 2012

Deadline for papers: September 20, 2012

The Italian journal of geopolitics GEOPOLITICA. Rivista dell’Istituto in Alti Studi di Geopolitica e Scienze Ausiliarie calls submissions for the Winter 2012 issue.

The issue’s section theme is Latin America: unity attempts. This issue will explore processes of integration in Latin America, and especially in South America.

This issue of GEOPOLITICA will examine in particular a series of topics including but not limited to:

– theorical and ideological basis of Latin American unity;

– successes and failures of integration attempts in Latin America;

– state of the economical integration within Latin America, especially in integrated groups (MERCOSUR, ALBA etc.);

– tensions within society and politics of single countries in relation with regional integration and freeing by US influence;

– golpe and coup: their relation with integration process, popular and other Latin American States reactions;

– strategic significance of Latin American or South American integration for US, their attitude and behaviour in relation to that process;

– likelihood that South America or Latin America will be a pole in a multipolar order-to-be.

Abstracts that are no longer than 400 words and a short (maximum one paragraph) biography of the author should be submitted by August 15, 2012, electronically by this contact form: [click]. Abstracts are accepted only in English and Italian.

By no more than 10 days after the submission, authors of approved abstracts will be asked to submit their full articles for peer review. There is not a maximum lenght for articles, though is recommended to not exceed 4500 words. Articles are accepted in English, Italian, French and Spanish.

The due date for completed drafts of articles is September 20, 2012. An invitation to submit a full article does not guarantee publication. Even articles approved by the referees may be not published due to lacking of room in the issue, but they will be published, with the author’s assent, in a following issue or in the journal’s website.

The issue 4 of the first volume of GEOPOLITICA is scheduled to appear in December 2012 / January 2013. GEOPOLITICA is the journal of the Italian no-profit Institute of Advanced Studies in Geopolitics and Auxiliary Sciences (Istituto di Alti Studi in Geopolitica e Scienze Ausiliarie, IsAG) based in Rome and is the first and sole refereed journal of geopolitics in Italian language. Each monographical issue contains invited papers by recognized experts of the subject and peer-reviewed papers freely submitted from scholars following a public call for papers.

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